Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice House Moves ON


The lone ice house on Mud Lake has been moved on.  Despite the ideal location, given the spot on the edge of the weeds, we assume they did not have good luck.  Sunday afternoon the house was moved. 

The lake remains covered in a layer of snow.  It is of note that the ice house folk seem to be the only folk on the lake.  No snowmobile tracks or footprints were noted in view.  The cold of late as no doubt slowed use of the lake area.

We have seen a few deer, but numbers around the lake seem down a lot.  Two bucks with antlers were seen hiding under a group of pines.  More down Highway 1 a small group crossed the other day.  Otherwise the daily move of deer through the woods along the lake seems down.  One track they have used loomks to only have minimal traffic.

Friday, December 6, 2013



The lake is gripped in cold, with temperatures dropping well below zero and expected to drop there continuously the next few days.  Deer have been seen in some if the more protected spots, often pine area where the snow is still in the air on the branches.

Snow is still falling in the woods as one can hear the plops.  Some pines looking bent to the ground with snow weight.  Some look positively loaded to the max.  Some sun should take care of those like this.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow and More Snow


Our estimate is that Mud Lake received seven inches of snow on Monday and Tuesday by 3:00 PM.  More is on the way.  At times it becomes hard to properly add up the TV and radio estimates.  Getting to the one foot mark seems very likely.  Some have us totaling there, but we seem ahead of the running total estimates.  More than  foot total out of the three day storm (s?) is a real possibility.

The snow formed a beautiful cover this morning.  It has faded some as the general air clouded darker.  It is just below freezing and the snow in the grass is melting, as is some well cleaned off snow on the black top.

The snow blowers are resting now.  We have made two passes on the whole and one for the gifts of the snowplow.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Snow Pellets


The day was cold, but temperatures did rise to freezing.  It has been cloudy. but the main image today is how col;d the lake looks in the cloudiness and wind.  See it or feel it, it speaketh cold.  From the warmth of inside, it still looks cold.  At least whiteness is limited to a few pellets or a leftover spritz of snow.

But, of course, Christmas cometh.  The tree is up downtown and on its website.  Ed at KDKK has begun warming up for Christmasm music.  They break us into it slowly.  The boss is the Christmas music guy right now with one from Moody that I have heard.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Dust of Snow


Today the lake got a dusting of snow.  With the winds the temperatures are getting colder, and tomorrow is to be the cold day.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013



With overnight temperatures over 32, the lake has some growing spots of melt.  Spring has come?  Nope.  Temperatures are going real down hill today and beyond so the ice will be back in its full form soon.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

North Chill


The weather around the lake may soon match the lake’s ice.  Good temperatures over night have dropped during the day.  The wind is up and making things even cooler.  Three layers of orange clothing now need the white coat with the orange hoodie and knit cap sticking out as a signal.

Yet the tall pines and birches are shaking pretty good today.  Amazing how trees that tall can shake like that and take it.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Sunny Days


While the ice must be getting thicker, a couple of sunny days have been wonderful.  The early sun beat off some very thick fog on the lake, but then won the day.  Still not so warm, but better then what is to come.

It has been toime to get those last leaves in their places for mulching, and cover the septic area if you need to do that.  The green pines are providing nice color against the nude birches.  The odd oak gives that brownish purple look to those spots.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Ice Over


Mud Lake is iced over.  I have questions only about one tiny spot in the southeast corner.  It is smooth ice or really still freezing water.  Hard to tell. 

The freezing lake looked on fire this morning as the sun painted the southeast sky orange and the reflection in the lake was massive bright orange to.  Just a beautiful sunrise.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ice Cometh


The bay of Mud Lake has started to ice up.  Winter must be coming like Santa.  Ice runs around the Bay area out to about 50 feet.  The shallow waters and heavy weeds must be helping the freeze up.

Some ducks moving around today, but no geese were seen or heard.  The geese crowd ever got as big as the year before were hundreds or more would be on the lake.  But, I think they have left.

The last of the few remaining birch leaves are on the ground.  Only a few odd stragglers remain, and those on the trees that waited to the very last to turn.  The purple-brown oaks add some color to the bare dark of the barren trees and green needles.  Still beautiful in their mix, especially when the rare sun comes out.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall Beauty Thinning



The trees are mixed here with some nearing down and some still holding some green to go.  The rain has taken a load to the ground, but the place is still a wonder.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fall Close Out


A lot of leaves are hitting the ground from the birches.  The shore has that yellow of Fall, but inland the ground is turning yellow, more.  Find your spot and look at the full glory of God’s Fall coating.  Itasca looked nice the other day, but past prime.  Just sit on the dock and you have all you would get there. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cooling and Damp


After a period of iffy rain, we have had a nice set of gentle rains the last few weeks.  Today is the finish of a couple day wet spell.  Wonderful rain over night and before.  Some damage, of course, to the turning leaf viewers.  The rain has brought down some of the early turning trees, but color remains.

There is a lot of speculation on why this year has been so bad for deer and gardens.  Of course every one has their remedy, but still even combinations of those seemed to have failed to keep hungry deer away from the tomatoes.  We had a fine looking garden through the summer then suddenly it was chewed down.  I do note the kohlrabies remained mostly in tact.  But if they hate human odor so much why take a chance on a tomato on the patio quietly growing?  Must really want it, I guess.

I wonder if the grasses and such in the woods suffered from the dryness, leaving the water gardens as targets for the deer in search of moist or tender food?  It has been noted that the State Patrol is cautioning people about deer movement and it is wondered if this is a sign they are on the move in search of tender leaves? 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rainy Day


A rainy day today.  It started with the sun ready to find a path to the sky.  It has been off and on since.  A nice rain, without storminess.  Just what we need.  Wish we had had more, especially before the deer munched away much of the garden crop.

Deer defenses are being considered for next season.  Early calls for air horns, talking pumpkins, and bazookas was quickly laughed away.  Netting, wind chimes, Mil-Organite fertilizer in light aroma filled handfuls, an assortment of different deer repelling plants, and such are being considered.  The top wire only of the electric fence is high on the come back list, but netting and more heavy strings on the electric fence posts are leading the way.

Important is that while we thought it was us, we are hearing how bad a year this was for deer and crops.  Not too bad from the deer’;s side, but they ate well this area in many fields and gardens.  Next year they can find their own like they know how to do.

We are missing last years mighty fine tomatoes hoping the deer liked them all.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fall Underway


The forest is taking on the duller green, autumn look, but the true change of color is some time off.  A walk will show some tiny bursts of yellow to purple among the oaks, but mostly low to the ground.  The geese continue to gather and honking is getting regular.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Indoors Day


Some wonderful light rain today.  While outside things would be damp, being at the lake is a state of mind and for those with that in condition there is plenty of inside things to get done today.

The Fed is not going to stop buying bonds so CNBC should have happy people all afternoon.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Early Fall Prep


The wind is up today, nearing 25 from the South.  That particular wind produces what I believe is the maximum wave on Mud.  Still sort of gentle looking.

Fall is coming and things are being prepared.  water pump hoses are being pulled.  Dock removal is being scheduled.  Boats have some time on them yet, but some are being winterized now.  while no leaf pickup is underway, they are turning and falling.  No peak is near a all.  Barely a start for some dry ones.

And those geese just keep coming.  A sure sign of fall.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Dark and Rainy


Dark this morning as the clouds finally put down some nice rain.  Hear it got stormy to the east, but just rain with thunder here.  The fancy rain gauge did not point to much rain, but it is not working very well.  The old fashioned tube one does better now.  Guessing half an inch or more.

Still dark in the afternoon, but predicted rain seems to have missed its appointment here.  How could that happen?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Nice Cool Day


Today, the sun shown brightly over the lake.  It was  cool for once.   A day to touch up the look of a the lawn.  Sue took the tractor for her first real go at it.  Did super a job and had fun in the sun.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Hot Times


Warm, well hot-humid, days at the lake.  We receive about a half inch of rain, but could use a few more inches.  Overnight we have had some cooling, but the day looks a warm repeat for the few few days.

I have heard some lakes are kitting 80.  Mud Lake just has to be that warm.  Fishing is likely down.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

August Heat


It has been dry at the lake.  Some pretty dense fog this morning will coat the plants, but rain has missed us.  Chances exist this week, so we hope one or more rain showers find us here.

The lake has been quiet with little activity through the last few days.  The main change has been the arrival of the geese.  The annual honk fest is getting underway.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Swan Watch


Our pair of swans have appeared late afternoons on Friday, Saturday, and Monday.  On Monday they floated around the East/Northeast corner of the lake and were quite viewable from the roadway.

The loons were about but could only be heard, not seen.

Sunday, August 4, 2013



The early evening, the last two days, has seen two large swans slowly floating around the lake.  Friday they were around the west end and slowly paddled out the channel around eight.  Saturday night they were around the east end until some light boat noise told them to fly away across the lake.

Last fall a lone swan gathered, before the flight south, with all the geese.  One does hope this is it and it found a mate.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cool, Cloudy


Its been cool and cloudy on the lake.  rain has been limited, but it sure looks like it might many times.  The lake appears down and inch or so.

Fishing has been active, but I am not sure the catch has been much on these cloudy days.  We recorded catching two perch, which is important only by the fact we like perch and did not expect many in Mud Lake.  There has been a slow stream of fishing boats plying the lake.  One wonders if the fish are confused by the warm water cooling.

Monday, July 22, 2013

A Little Rain


A thunderstorm over night put the dog in bed for safety.  It seems we  received around an inch taking in the various gages and their flaws.  The lake should be up again after dropping and inch or so over the last few days. 

Yesterday was a cool and windy one.  Limited fishing on the lake.  While swimming was fine, it tuned cool and at evening sweatshirts were needed.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Some Rain and Clouds

The weekend has been heavily cloudy with some rain.  Activity has been limited oo the lake.  Some swimming on Saturday.  And it was nice for that. 

The loons have had some anxious moments with the visit of a hawk a few times.  The call of danger was very clear given the young ones they have.

The lake has risen around a part of an inch.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Garden Pump Repair


Repair of the garden pump is underway.  The motor burned out and replacement is in order.  The connections have been together so long that taking them apart was feared impossible.

But, After applying force with the monkey wrench, using a hammer on the monkey wrench, using the axe flat edge on the monkey wrench, repeating these over a few times, Sue grabs a big rock and with two hands just bangs the wrench—success.  Lots of technology but the Stone Age tool worked best on modern materials.

Well if we can get the thing apart some, we can replace it, so off to buy the pump.  Now rain is delaying work.

We do note the loon family is still plying the lake.  Some parental diving mid lake while the kids watched last night.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Some Rain


We got some rain through yesterday.  The gardens needed it so.  With rain it was a slow day on the lake.  Some fish cleaning about all.

Friday, July 5, 2013



Mud Lake was the place to be for the Park Rapids fireworks.  The view from the dock was perfect.  The in the air blasts lifted nicely over the south bay giving an upfront view to those ensconced on pontoons or the dock chairs.  KDKK’s musical background was super.  Residents were joined by some parkers along the road in.  It was like it was aimed at Mud Lake.  Excellent.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hot and Steamy, But Loony


Hot weather on the lake.  The water temperature is up for sure.  Yet the air has cooled nicely later in the day for a comforting sit or float.

Them loons.  The sound of loons continues to resound around the lake.  They even accepted our new fishing boat.  As the guys from Charlie's and I stood on the dock, a loon swam to within ten feet of the dock then dove under the new boat and under the dock.  A sign!  We consider the new boat accepted by the wildlife community.

The Wednesday test of the sirens in Park Rapids was just an out of the world experience.  We were first puzzled by the sound but figured given the radar it was a test; but as one listened the horn had a loonish tone to it as it circled.  Even the emergency siren speaks loon here.  Wow!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Hello Mr. Beaver


A beautiful day on the lake.  Some winds out of the North provided some action for the inner tubes float.  Excitement was that a beaver swam by.  His second siting this year.   Big guy intent on business.  I was floating almost on shore and he went by about 20 feet out.  He then searched the more westerly lily pads for some grub.

The loons have a pair of younglings.  They have been seen swimming in the center.  From their sounds they might have been more to the southeast earlier but late this afternoon sounds shifted to the west.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013



A bit of wind all day long on the lake.  Still the waves are just more then super ripples.  The big story would be the continuing noisy loons.  The calls are more excited and longer.  A couple, or pair of couples, has been sighted mid lake the last days.  Deer seem away for now as none have been seen in a few days.  And the turtles seems back in the water now.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Turtle Action


Turtle activity increased around the lake.  We had that original snapper in the yard, then a smaller turtle was found in the same area.  It may have been digging slightly to put in some eggs, we are not sure.  Later with the kids fishing the wire net fish holder was attacked by a snapper.  Pulling it up a turtle was attached to the bottom.

Fishing activity remains good.  from shore the kids caught a nice meal or two using old fashioned worms on hooks.  Might be a fishing day with clouds this morning following light rains over night to the tune of maybe .2 inches.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sun, Rain, and Turtle Visit


The sun was out wonderfully yesterday.  The lake, given the late ice, is surprisingly warm and friendly to those taking a dip.  Fishing action seemed slower measured by the fewer boats out trying their luck.

A turtle came walking through the yard this morning.  About one foot long, it plodded back to the lake from what looked like a sojourn into the woods.  The heavier rain over night may have misled the poor guy that we were more lake than land.  Once he decided to get back to water he moved pretty good and was gone.  What next will wander through the woods here?t1t2

Monday, June 17, 2013

Other forms of Precipitation Here?


Twice we have walked out amazed that Minnesota adds two forms of precipitation that fall from the sky.  A couple weeks ago it was a mass of white seeds surrounded by fuzz.  It looked like it was snowing for a couple days.  This week end we understand the pine trees have unleashed a green form of this.  everything is covered in green.  even the lake has green floating in it.

Now that actual water stuff has become more rare in recent weeks.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sunlight on the lake


The sun has finally shown its face some.  The trees across the lake last night just were shiny bright with the late day sun.  We have come to realize that sunsets are not for us.  The sun goes down long after the trees behind us have covered it.  Now sunrise lights us up pretty good, a wonderful welcome to the day.

Fishing has been near continuous, except in the rain.  It seems someone is always tempting the fish to supper.  The continuousness of them tells us that the fish are taking the bait.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Sun Shines


The sun was out much of today.  Indeed, it is getting warm in the house from it breaking through the windows.  Outside it is just one wonderful day at the lake.  The only oddity of the day is the almost snowfall like look of the tree seeds blowing in the wind.  Tiny little flake like puffs, each with a tiny seed.  On the ground they pile and swirl in the window.  I put the oily wrench down a few minutes and picked up a seed coated one later.

Fishing continues on the lake.  There have been boats here and there all day.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Sun Visits


And the dock is in the water! The dock crew came today and it is in the lake. The lake water level is just a tad high right now so we are seeing a bit of eating at the shore and the dock seems tight to the water. Nice to start summer with a full load of water. If the drought continues, not seeming very likely after the last weeks, the lake can take it,

A bit wavy today. A stiff breeze out of the South is just the right wind to roughen the surface. Still the waves would not challenge even the smallest of fishing boats. One nicely plowed across the far shore while we sat on the end of the dock. No one stopping to fish, they were. earlier a few were out and a net was observed being used. The biggies must still be biting. Crappies most likely.

After a good stretch of lighter rains this morning, the sun came out. what a lift to see the world brighten after so many days of cooler blanketing clouds. The shore had a sense of flash to it, bright light colored rushes still bent done from the winter, but alive with reflected sunlight.

And again, a single loon call.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Coolness in the air


Another cooler and potentially rainy day at the lake. Global warming advocates are going to face some trouble making an argument if this continues. At least the water level is a bit up to start the summer. Of course the lake historically only varies less than a foot.

After some unidentified creature ate the two geraniums from the keg planter, the struggle is on to guard the safety of the other plants. A massive marigold planting has some partial chance of success with some enemies of the crop. Several deer were noted as spying the tomatoes. One broken tomato branch could have been the result, --there were accusations--but it is also thought that it might have been that way.

Fishing seems constant on the lake. A boat or more has been out there any time you look. It is thought the crappies are spawning. The DNR guy visiting the other day thought the walleyes should be done now. Boats are just sitting too long for the catch to be nothing.

The vegetation is greening like mad. Trees slow to do anything this spring are suddenly sprouting and other heading to some green displays. Mower and tractor oiling is no doubt underway.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Ice Goes

And the ice is out on Mud Lake. Sunday was just fantastic, with a bright sun and light little wavelets crossing the water in changing directions. Some gese honked their way by and a morning loon checked out the scene, the wild life was more confined to odd deer looking for a drink.

The oaks dropped their leaves over the last week. The end of winter and some warmth must have brought a breeze to jar them loose. Several were picking them up as the Spring clean-up progressed. The purple those leaves held strongly to all winter looked very browned on the ground. The leaves were dry and crisp, and they piled themselves in doorways looking for a way in.

One fisherman plied the lake that we saw. Not sure if he got any. The Governor should have tried Mud lake but staying in the river was the choice, as we understand this process. The dock looked ready to roll itself down the incline and take its position in the lake. The lake is up a few inches and some eating away of the shoreline was clear. Just a tad though.

In all the day marked winter was over and the summer was about to begin. The hound did not mind going in the lake, but I bet our toes and legs will say wait a while.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Smiles Slowly


The snow around the lake is deep but melting and sublimation are taking their tolls on it. Piles are coming down from the roofs increasing the piles in the ground. The very bright and warm late March-early April sun is just heating up anything that is not white, causing a decline of the piled white.

Even the lake is showing some spring to it. A spot or so where the ice showing without it cover is out there. They are few, but the snow layer is getting thin. Of course, that ice has a ways to go before the liquid form takes over.

Geese are coming back to the lake. Not the hundreds that left yet, but the advance guard scouting the world for the next base. A duck was spotted in Fish Hook Lake sitting in some mighty cold water, just a tiny open spot where one of the streams enters the lake. And judging from the pileated woodpecker action, the trees in all directions must have some life of interest to birds. The deer seem to be finding things to eat. They hung out in the next door valley of pines munching on things poking through, with odd hits at some bark

When the sun got going the days were just wonderful. Just sweaters and hoodies against the cold, hardly the thickness of modern fibers required just days ago. even gloves came off for a short time. As Oliver said, "please Sir, some more?"

Sunday, March 17, 2013

lots of snow

A deep, pure white snow covers the lake. A few snowmobile tracks dent its surface, and the snowmobilers must have come on around the bay and did some 360s. Either that or they chased each other’s tails a while. Winter has been most generous with snow and driving around has become a game of peak before going.

In the pine filled cut in the next lot, deer have been resting. The deer seem rather pushed for getting those few visible grasses. One good bite of tree bark was noited.

Of course, all this snow is our future drinking and lake water. Drought should not loom its head here, unless late summer dries this all out. The lake has an inch or two of water content just sitting there waiting to become liquid. The surrounding area has about the same ready to flow in and concentrate as lake.

Some drifts go to two plus feet. Walking to the lake is a slow process if one goes at all, since with each step one sinks two feet as the iced surface cracks and the fluff underneath gives way.

More snow is on the way. In the warm sun of a day back, some melting took place. The roof lost one big sheet of snow and ice; and left a nice pile along the ground.

The trees have had this coat of snow for some time, but the sun and wind do change the coat from time to time.  In all a beautiful year coming to shape at the lake.