Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Smiles Slowly


The snow around the lake is deep but melting and sublimation are taking their tolls on it. Piles are coming down from the roofs increasing the piles in the ground. The very bright and warm late March-early April sun is just heating up anything that is not white, causing a decline of the piled white.

Even the lake is showing some spring to it. A spot or so where the ice showing without it cover is out there. They are few, but the snow layer is getting thin. Of course, that ice has a ways to go before the liquid form takes over.

Geese are coming back to the lake. Not the hundreds that left yet, but the advance guard scouting the world for the next base. A duck was spotted in Fish Hook Lake sitting in some mighty cold water, just a tiny open spot where one of the streams enters the lake. And judging from the pileated woodpecker action, the trees in all directions must have some life of interest to birds. The deer seem to be finding things to eat. They hung out in the next door valley of pines munching on things poking through, with odd hits at some bark

When the sun got going the days were just wonderful. Just sweaters and hoodies against the cold, hardly the thickness of modern fibers required just days ago. even gloves came off for a short time. As Oliver said, "please Sir, some more?"

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