Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Monday, December 23, 2013

Ice House Moves ON


The lone ice house on Mud Lake has been moved on.  Despite the ideal location, given the spot on the edge of the weeds, we assume they did not have good luck.  Sunday afternoon the house was moved. 

The lake remains covered in a layer of snow.  It is of note that the ice house folk seem to be the only folk on the lake.  No snowmobile tracks or footprints were noted in view.  The cold of late as no doubt slowed use of the lake area.

We have seen a few deer, but numbers around the lake seem down a lot.  Two bucks with antlers were seen hiding under a group of pines.  More down Highway 1 a small group crossed the other day.  Otherwise the daily move of deer through the woods along the lake seems down.  One track they have used loomks to only have minimal traffic.

Friday, December 6, 2013



The lake is gripped in cold, with temperatures dropping well below zero and expected to drop there continuously the next few days.  Deer have been seen in some if the more protected spots, often pine area where the snow is still in the air on the branches.

Snow is still falling in the woods as one can hear the plops.  Some pines looking bent to the ground with snow weight.  Some look positively loaded to the max.  Some sun should take care of those like this.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow and More Snow


Our estimate is that Mud Lake received seven inches of snow on Monday and Tuesday by 3:00 PM.  More is on the way.  At times it becomes hard to properly add up the TV and radio estimates.  Getting to the one foot mark seems very likely.  Some have us totaling there, but we seem ahead of the running total estimates.  More than  foot total out of the three day storm (s?) is a real possibility.

The snow formed a beautiful cover this morning.  It has faded some as the general air clouded darker.  It is just below freezing and the snow in the grass is melting, as is some well cleaned off snow on the black top.

The snow blowers are resting now.  We have made two passes on the whole and one for the gifts of the snowplow.