Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Snow and More Snow


Our estimate is that Mud Lake received seven inches of snow on Monday and Tuesday by 3:00 PM.  More is on the way.  At times it becomes hard to properly add up the TV and radio estimates.  Getting to the one foot mark seems very likely.  Some have us totaling there, but we seem ahead of the running total estimates.  More than  foot total out of the three day storm (s?) is a real possibility.

The snow formed a beautiful cover this morning.  It has faded some as the general air clouded darker.  It is just below freezing and the snow in the grass is melting, as is some well cleaned off snow on the black top.

The snow blowers are resting now.  We have made two passes on the whole and one for the gifts of the snowplow.

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