Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Ice Going and the Loons are Back

The Mud Lake ice is on the way gone.  Very late this year, of course.  The lake is approaching half water today.  The loons have been spotted for 2018, and if this year is like the past, they will make this the summer home.  The geese and some others have been nosing around for a week or two.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Ominous Storm of the Miloonium?

imageThe Great Storm of 2018 hardly touched us here at the lake, but the radar image was ominous.  Is it a nuclear mushroom cloud or a bird’s head of a storm?  We went from the once considered 20 to 40 inches to a dust only.  The hammer hit elsewhere.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Fly Away Home

flyawayhome1We tried out the Roku streaming and watched a delightful film: Fly Away Home.  It is the story of a family that uses  ultralight aircraft to teach a group of geese to migrate from Canada to North Carolina and back.  This is in the hope that migratory paths for endangered species can be reopened using the ultralights.  What a delightful film.  A wet land in the North Carolina is threatened with development and the chance that some group of birds will adopt it on migration is its only hope of withstanding the bulldozer.  Of course, it all works out.  Based on real events the viewer gets to see a lot of beautiful scenery along the travel path from Ontario to North Carolina.

The filming sites are [according to IMDb]:

Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Sandbanks Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Auckland, New Zealand [earlier part of the story]
Niagara Falls Air Force Base, New York, USA
Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Main Street, St. Helena, Napa Valley, California, USA
North Carolina, USA

Our local geese, while a small group does stay here in winter, will be back soon.  The ice will be leaving with this warmth and they will honk-honk their way.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

In times like these, Mr. Rogers

mister-rogers-stamp-With Spring coming a some beautiful days taking us outside, we paused to watch PS cover the career of Mr. Rogers.  In these days where so many just seem pulled by the forces of disgust and evil,he stands near alone in his purity.  What a dude.  Be sure and put him on your snail mail after the 24th of the month.  USPS has a great stamp coming out of Mr. Rogers and the King.  It has its First Day on March 23, meaning your post office should have it on the 24th.

Beautiful Days in the Neighborhood

A beautiful day with light winds and temperatures in the forties.  The Sun is shining bright and the water is dripping, or falling in frozen chunks, from the roof.  A herd of 14 deer roamed by early, including some indicating the winter has been nice to them given their chubbiness.  The forecast is for some more of these days, bringing thoughts of green grass in the open areas by the weekend. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Winter Comes Hard

Winter has settled upon the lake.  We have had some limited snow, but the ground is covered for the duration.  This week has a 6-11 inch storm promised, but one never seems to know if that will happen.  Temperatures have been the big issue, dropping to –34 with a number of –25 to –30 nights.  That has raised issues for the pump, septic system, and roof septic vent.  All are fine given the running of a lot of hot water to keep the whole thing going.

The squirrels seem to have holed upon for the duration.  Only Chip has been seen in the last two weeks and that was on a lone good day.  The deer are about but seem to be hiding too.  Even daisy has been seen wearing her sweater to keep warm doing her duty.  The thicker knit green tone one has been the favorite.  Walks have been limited given the wind chill warnings and advisories.

While it looks like good snowmobiling time, they have not been seen much.  The trials are just not ready yet.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Snow, and the beginnings of ice on the lake, have made themselves known. It looks like the thin snow cover is going to last the season.  Chances of a melt off are slim.  Ice has been seen around the short of Mud Lake.  It is thin, and it changes by the day, but it is likely to stay.

The geese and two swans have been hanging out on the lake.  No big fly off yet by the geese.  The swans are only current visitors here as they must be on the river over winter to  be in open water.

There are no signs of the beaver.  Beave cut a tree down or two, but action in harvesting the load has been nil.The smelly stuff obtained to deter him from the trees close to the dock zone has remained unused.