Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Winter Nears


The red squirrels have a number of piles of pine cones built for the winter.  There has been some gathering of the geese on the lake, but nothing like the giant gathering before they leave for the South, and the leaves are down.  Sure looks like winter, and on days like today, it sure feels around the corner.

As I write, it is snowing a bit more than an hour to the North, and tonight the local flakes might gather briefly.  The stiff winds have been of some help.  Yesterday the leaves were blowing themselves into the woods, eliminating the mulching with the tractor.   The birches are totally bare.  The tamaracks found a few miles away had needles last week, and they still might.  Will check tomorrow.  Plans are to get some planted here so we can extend the colored season as they turn after the rest.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Swimming Ends


As with the squirrels gathering their nuts, so the swimming season has come to an end in Mud Lake.  The water never did warm as is normal this year, now it has chilled.  The docks are coming in and craft have been put away.  The water lilies are slowing dying and then sinking to the bottom.

Of all things, some snow was mixed with rain yesterday.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Squirrels Planning Bad Winter


The yard has now picked up several piles of pine cones gathered by red squirrels.  Is Mud Lake like Camelot and the pine cones fall in neat piles?  We checked this out with a DNR/park agent at Itasca State Park.   Red squirrels like to gather pine cones in piles.  At first we suspected a neighbor was trying to play a joke on us as these a;appeared,. but no.  The squirrels do this.  We do not know if size and number indicates degree of cold expected, or just good pickings in pine cones, but these are big and located near trees that will more clearly mark them.