Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Turtles on the Move


The turtles of Mud Lake have been in egg laying mode.  Here several sun themselves after getting back in the lake.


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Turtle Crossing


The annual turtle crossing has started.  Box and snapper turtles cross the lawn near the garden, then on to the lake.  We believe a deposit of eggs is now near the garden. 

We have also been told the red fox next door awaits these deposits.

It seems last year this trek came a bit later in June.


Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Comes

Everyone talks of winter going and Summer suddenly making a show.  The lake is alive with activity. 

Fishing is heavy this time of year, but we are not seeing a lot being caught.  We do know of a wonderful bass being taken, but are not seeing the folk in the boats getting excited.

A loon is heard but not seen. He likes expressing himself around 5 to 6 in the morning.  We are not sure how local he is.

A goose family has taken up residence on the lake.  They have three goslings.  They like to stand on the edge of the road in the bay.  Every one is giving them right of way.  Two ducks seem to be hanging around down from the dock.  A nest is suspected back in the reeds.  A turkey walked by.  We keep hearing of beaver activity down the ways.

Open the door after dark and one can see the massively active insect life.  Turn on a light and clouds of gnats appear.  The heat!  The ticks are every where.

And with the rain, the garden is growing like crazy.  The beans and tomatoes are just shooting up.