Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Sunday, March 17, 2013

lots of snow

A deep, pure white snow covers the lake. A few snowmobile tracks dent its surface, and the snowmobilers must have come on around the bay and did some 360s. Either that or they chased each other’s tails a while. Winter has been most generous with snow and driving around has become a game of peak before going.

In the pine filled cut in the next lot, deer have been resting. The deer seem rather pushed for getting those few visible grasses. One good bite of tree bark was noited.

Of course, all this snow is our future drinking and lake water. Drought should not loom its head here, unless late summer dries this all out. The lake has an inch or two of water content just sitting there waiting to become liquid. The surrounding area has about the same ready to flow in and concentrate as lake.

Some drifts go to two plus feet. Walking to the lake is a slow process if one goes at all, since with each step one sinks two feet as the iced surface cracks and the fluff underneath gives way.

More snow is on the way. In the warm sun of a day back, some melting took place. The roof lost one big sheet of snow and ice; and left a nice pile along the ground.

The trees have had this coat of snow for some time, but the sun and wind do change the coat from time to time.  In all a beautiful year coming to shape at the lake.