Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Sun Visits


And the dock is in the water! The dock crew came today and it is in the lake. The lake water level is just a tad high right now so we are seeing a bit of eating at the shore and the dock seems tight to the water. Nice to start summer with a full load of water. If the drought continues, not seeming very likely after the last weeks, the lake can take it,

A bit wavy today. A stiff breeze out of the South is just the right wind to roughen the surface. Still the waves would not challenge even the smallest of fishing boats. One nicely plowed across the far shore while we sat on the end of the dock. No one stopping to fish, they were. earlier a few were out and a net was observed being used. The biggies must still be biting. Crappies most likely.

After a good stretch of lighter rains this morning, the sun came out. what a lift to see the world brighten after so many days of cooler blanketing clouds. The shore had a sense of flash to it, bright light colored rushes still bent done from the winter, but alive with reflected sunlight.

And again, a single loon call.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Coolness in the air


Another cooler and potentially rainy day at the lake. Global warming advocates are going to face some trouble making an argument if this continues. At least the water level is a bit up to start the summer. Of course the lake historically only varies less than a foot.

After some unidentified creature ate the two geraniums from the keg planter, the struggle is on to guard the safety of the other plants. A massive marigold planting has some partial chance of success with some enemies of the crop. Several deer were noted as spying the tomatoes. One broken tomato branch could have been the result, --there were accusations--but it is also thought that it might have been that way.

Fishing seems constant on the lake. A boat or more has been out there any time you look. It is thought the crappies are spawning. The DNR guy visiting the other day thought the walleyes should be done now. Boats are just sitting too long for the catch to be nothing.

The vegetation is greening like mad. Trees slow to do anything this spring are suddenly sprouting and other heading to some green displays. Mower and tractor oiling is no doubt underway.

Monday, May 13, 2013

The Ice Goes

And the ice is out on Mud Lake. Sunday was just fantastic, with a bright sun and light little wavelets crossing the water in changing directions. Some gese honked their way by and a morning loon checked out the scene, the wild life was more confined to odd deer looking for a drink.

The oaks dropped their leaves over the last week. The end of winter and some warmth must have brought a breeze to jar them loose. Several were picking them up as the Spring clean-up progressed. The purple those leaves held strongly to all winter looked very browned on the ground. The leaves were dry and crisp, and they piled themselves in doorways looking for a way in.

One fisherman plied the lake that we saw. Not sure if he got any. The Governor should have tried Mud lake but staying in the river was the choice, as we understand this process. The dock looked ready to roll itself down the incline and take its position in the lake. The lake is up a few inches and some eating away of the shoreline was clear. Just a tad though.

In all the day marked winter was over and the summer was about to begin. The hound did not mind going in the lake, but I bet our toes and legs will say wait a while.