Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Sun Visits


And the dock is in the water! The dock crew came today and it is in the lake. The lake water level is just a tad high right now so we are seeing a bit of eating at the shore and the dock seems tight to the water. Nice to start summer with a full load of water. If the drought continues, not seeming very likely after the last weeks, the lake can take it,

A bit wavy today. A stiff breeze out of the South is just the right wind to roughen the surface. Still the waves would not challenge even the smallest of fishing boats. One nicely plowed across the far shore while we sat on the end of the dock. No one stopping to fish, they were. earlier a few were out and a net was observed being used. The biggies must still be biting. Crappies most likely.

After a good stretch of lighter rains this morning, the sun came out. what a lift to see the world brighten after so many days of cooler blanketing clouds. The shore had a sense of flash to it, bright light colored rushes still bent done from the winter, but alive with reflected sunlight.

And again, a single loon call.

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