Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Rainy Day


A rainy day today.  It started with the sun ready to find a path to the sky.  It has been off and on since.  A nice rain, without storminess.  Just what we need.  Wish we had had more, especially before the deer munched away much of the garden crop.

Deer defenses are being considered for next season.  Early calls for air horns, talking pumpkins, and bazookas was quickly laughed away.  Netting, wind chimes, Mil-Organite fertilizer in light aroma filled handfuls, an assortment of different deer repelling plants, and such are being considered.  The top wire only of the electric fence is high on the come back list, but netting and more heavy strings on the electric fence posts are leading the way.

Important is that while we thought it was us, we are hearing how bad a year this was for deer and crops.  Not too bad from the deer’;s side, but they ate well this area in many fields and gardens.  Next year they can find their own like they know how to do.

We are missing last years mighty fine tomatoes hoping the deer liked them all.

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