Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Cooling and Damp


After a period of iffy rain, we have had a nice set of gentle rains the last few weeks.  Today is the finish of a couple day wet spell.  Wonderful rain over night and before.  Some damage, of course, to the turning leaf viewers.  The rain has brought down some of the early turning trees, but color remains.

There is a lot of speculation on why this year has been so bad for deer and gardens.  Of course every one has their remedy, but still even combinations of those seemed to have failed to keep hungry deer away from the tomatoes.  We had a fine looking garden through the summer then suddenly it was chewed down.  I do note the kohlrabies remained mostly in tact.  But if they hate human odor so much why take a chance on a tomato on the patio quietly growing?  Must really want it, I guess.

I wonder if the grasses and such in the woods suffered from the dryness, leaving the water gardens as targets for the deer in search of moist or tender food?  It has been noted that the State Patrol is cautioning people about deer movement and it is wondered if this is a sign they are on the move in search of tender leaves? 

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