Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Friday, November 11, 2016

Geese Alert

Watch out in southern Minnesota and below!  The geese seem to be heading out.  Honking was not a big thing today.  That means they are coming your way.  And can they poop!  Many hope they stay away, or on someone else’s area as they can decorate with aplomb.  They are a wonder to watch and fascinating to listen to, but have the washer ready for the dock.

On the other hand this means winter is upon us.  We have had super nice days all week and outside is the place to be.  But the temperatures were in the 60s, then 50s, and now less is coming.  No snow near here at all, but rumors suggest something is coming just beyond the 10-Day Forecast.

Winterization is totally complete except for one more check of the garage door insulation.  Even the workhorse of the summer—the chainsaw—sawed its last stump piece off and has been carefully cleaned.  It shall winter in the garage at a nice 46 degrees. 

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