Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Winter Coming


The leaves are majorly past prime at this time.  Many trees are empty.  The oaks maintain a nice percentage of their purple toned leaves through the winter, so bare forest is not dominant here, yet.  Of course the pines stay covered, and those late season brown needles are on the ground leaving a nice green set behind.  The tamaracks are yellow, but still holding those needles.  They are actually at the peak of color or getting just past.

The geese are in full gathering mode.   The honking is getting louder down at the lake.  They honk to attract other geese flying by forming bigger groups for the sudden decision to head out.

Docks and boats are moving to land.  A few remain, but most of this is way beyond summer peak. 

I have not noticed much fireplace odor yet this fall.  With the summer storms plentiful, timber has been easy to find and get ready.  Mostly it has been just outside the window.  Nights have been fortyish some, but only limited below freezing temperatures.  Frost killed then held back mostly.

There are still beautiful tree color combinations to be enjoyed.  Just down the road is one, but that is only for small groups of mixed color trees now.

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