Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Friday, August 12, 2016

Chainsaw Wars


I never thought I would retire teaching to become a lumberjack.  But…that seems the case.  We have had two major storms with minor event between and the total seems to be 20 trees down.  Four of them were in the 75-100 foot range and likely 125 years  old.  The four were all poplars, which local tree service people hate.  The winds were likely around 70 mph (105 mph 10 miles to the South).  They went down with root balls.  The roots are just not all that massive unless you have to cut at them to reduce the ball down.

Other people had it worse.  Going to the county brush pile we met a bunch of nice people, all of us in the same boat, more or less.  We are nearing a state of acceptability in maintaining the trees, but some people may not be there for a long time.  It would be weeks before the tree service folk can even get to you if you use them.  We do it ourselves if we can.  All were in the do it yourself category.  Those that hang in the air are the ones we do not do.

The rain has also set the ants in a wild phase.  They seem to be giving the word “antsy” new enhanced meaning.  They are just going everywhere and in large amounts.

Root ball trees are easier to cut up.  You just start at the top and cut the short chunks.  Trouble is that that root ball takes a couple days by itself.  Of course nothing is likely to fall on you doing it.

For some, of course, firewood for winter is near free for the asking right now.  Folks are stocking up.

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