Mud Lake in Winter

Mud Lake in Winter

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Deer on the Roam


The deer crowd seems to have returned to the lakeside in recent days.  The search for food continues during this hard winter.  They are in separate groups I note.

The “Gang of Seven” consists of a mixed group of seven deer that roam together.  They have been seen right here and out to Highway 1.  They range from middling in size to small.  Only the small ones seem a bit slow at moving on when on the road.

The “Big Butts” are a well sized group of three.  One is a bit smaller than the other two, but food does not seem to have been short for these three.  No antlers noted.  One just does note the one massive size chunk that these are.  No rush on moving with these guys, to.

“The Lonely One” is all by him or her self.  No antlers noted, but the search through the scarcity is a lone job.  This one could fit with the Big Butts, but must prefer or was left all alone.

Bird life remains sparse.  You can hear them more than see them.  A wood pecker was chopping the other day.  I heard a crow one day.  Flying is an odd event to catch one of them at.  A few tiny ones passed through, but the tiny ones seem gone as they have for months.

Melting is turning big time.  The driveway is black now.  The roof is about green.  Bring it on!

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